set noverify

!  SQL database:
!  Purpose:
!       Create the SWEXA compiletime metadata.
!  Copyright:
!       Copyright © 1993 - 2001 Corpita Pty Ltd
!       15 Bedford Street, Collingwood 3066, Australia
!  History:
!       01-Jul-2001 by SLJ
!           Use architecture specific compile time databases
!       18-Mar-2000 by SLJ
!           Add new components
!       11-Feb-1996 by SLJ
!           Add AIL (architecture independent library) directory support
!       22-Oct-1995 by SLJ
!           Revert to old generated source list names
!       07-May-1995 by SLJ
!           Use new V3.0 generated sources
!       04-Jan-1994 by SLJ
!           Use latest syntax
!       24-May-1993 by Simon L. Jackson
!           Initial version

create database filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_database
  number of cluster nodes 4
  page size is 3 blocks
  buffer size is 18 blocks
  default storage area is swexa_tables
  list storage area is swexa_lists
  create storage area rdb$system
    filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_system.rda
    snapshot filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_system.snp
    page size is 3 blocks
  create storage area swexa_indices
    filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_indices.rda
    snapshot filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_indices.snp
    page size is 3 blocks
    page format is mixed
  create storage area swexa_lists
    filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_lists.rda
    snapshot filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_lists.snp
    page size is 18 blocks
  create storage area swexa_tables
    filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_tables.rda
    snapshot filename swexa_lib_dir:swexa_tables.snp
    page size is 3 blocks
  create storage area swdba_indices
    filename swexa_lib_dir:swdba_indices.rda
    snapshot filename swexa_lib_dir:swdba_indices.snp
    page size is 3 blocks
  create storage area swdba_tables
    filename swexa_lib_dir:swdba_tables.rda
    snapshot filename swexa_lib_dir:swdba_tables.snp
    page size is 3 blocks

set transaction read write;