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        16-Jan-1999 by Simon L. Jackson
            Initial version


The following conventions are used in this document:


<TABLE_ROW>(<KEY>(Ctrl/X)\A sequence such as <KEY>(Ctrl/X) indicates that you must hold down
the key labeled <KEY>(Ctrl) while you press another key or a pointing device button.)

<TABLE_ROW>([]\In format descriptions, brackets indicate that whatever is
enclosed is optional; you can select none, one or all of the choices.
In system prompts indicates the default value which will be assumed if the
Return key is pressed without first entering a value.)

<TABLE_ROW>({}\In format descriptions, braces surround a required choice of
options; you must choose one of the options listed.)

<TABLE_ROW>(<VBAR>\In format descriptions, vertical bars separate the
options. If the options are enclosed in brackets (i.e. []) you can select none,
one or all of the choices. If the options are enclosed in braces (i.e. {}) you
must choose one of the options listed.)

<TABLE_ROW>(()\In system prompts, parenthesis indicate the list of values one of
which may be entered. The values are separated by a forward slash "/")

<TABLE_ROW>(...\An elipsis indicates that a value within a range may be chosen
or a syntax repeated. A range may be indicated by a pair of end values, or an
end value and an end keyword. For example <INTERACTIVE>(Disk quota
(0..unlimited)) indicates that the keyword <INTERACTIVE>(unlimited) may be used
to represent the highest possible disk quota.)

<TABLE_ROW>(<EMPHASIS>(italic text\ITALIC)\Italicized words and letters
indicate that you should substitute a word or value of your choice.)

<TABLE_ROW>(UPPERCASE TEXT\Uppercase letters indicate the name of a command or

<TABLE_ROW>(<INTERACTIVE>(<S>(monospace text))\Normal monospace text indicates
system prompts and output.)

<TABLE_ROW>(<INTERACTIVE>(<U>(bold monospace text))\Bold monospace text indicates
user responses to system prompts.)

<TABLE_ROW>(mouse\The term <EMPHASIS>(mouse\ITALIC) is used to refer to any
pointing device such as a mouse, a puck or a stylus.)

<TABLE_ROW>(MB1, MB2, MB3\MB1 indicates the left mouse button, MB2 indicates the
middle mouse button, and MB3 indicates the right mouse button. (The buttons can
be redefined by the user.))

Unless otherwise noted, all numeric values are represented in decimal notation.