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<CHAPTER>(Summary of Changes for V3.2\rn_new_summary)
The following list provides a summary of changes made for V3.2:

<CHAPTER>(New and Modified Features\rn_new_features)
This chapter briefly descibes the new and modified features in SysWorks.


<HEAD1>(Documentation Updates\rn_new_032_documentation)
A new document SWEXA032.RELEASE_NOTES may be found in SWEXA_DOC_DIR:.

<HEAD1>(Example Programs\rn_new_032_example_programs)
This section briefly describes the new or modified example programs in
SysWorks Example Application.

This program demonstrates a number of features including:
<LE>Cobol box drawing techniques.
<LE>Cobol indexed file handling.
<LE>Cobol report handling.
<LE>SysWorks error handling.
<LE>SysWorks tracing.