Application Development Guide

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This option is used to merge in changes from a maintenace or future development environment into a development environment. It acts as a front end to the DEVTOOLS DIFFERENCES/DATES/MERGE command.


$ vsnctl merge
Target environment [MNT]: 
Override CMS reservation check (Yes/No) [No]: 
Execution (Batch/Detached/Online/Subprocess) [Batch]: 
Batch queue [SYS$BATCH]: 
Execute after [NOW]:

Figure 6-4 illustrates the flow of sources during a MERGE.

Figure 6-4 MERGE flow


This option is used to migrate sopurce from a development environment to a development testing environment or a maintenance environment to a maintenance testing environment. It invokes a set of questions which lead to CMS generations being migrated between libraries and/or classes and on to peform an optional BUILD in the target testing environment.


$ vsnctl trial
Target environment [DTST]: 
Override CMS reservations (Yes/No) [No]: 
Build (Yes/No) [Yes]: 
From sources or work area (Source/Work) [Work]: 
Execution (Batch/Detached/Online/Subprocess) [Batch]: 
Batch queue [SYS$BATCH]: 
Execute after [NOW]:

The target environment default is determined by translating appl_DFLT_ENVR_envr or SWRK_DFLT_ENVR_envr where envr is the current environment code.

Figure 6-5 illustrates the flow of sources during a TRIAL.

Figure 6-5 TRIAL flow

Figure 6-6 illustrates the flow of sources during a TRIAL from a future development to development environment.

Figure 6-6 TRIAL flow from FDEV to DEV


This option is used to release a tested version into the production save area, and prepare it for future development and/or maintenance.

The following steps are taken:

  1. The generations in the specified development testing or maintenance testing environment are migrated into a version class.
  2. A version kit sub-directory is created in the application common environment. This directory is of the form DISK_APPL:[appl.KIT.vrsn].
  3. The save sets in the specified development testing or maintenance testing environmentkit sub-directory are copied into the created application common environment version kit directory.
  4. The save sets are deleted from the development testing or maintenance testing kit sub-directory.


$ vsnctl release
Test environment [DTST]: 
Version [V1.0]: 
Execution (Batch/Detached/Online/Subprocess) [Batch]: 
Batch queue [SYS$BATCH]: 
Execute after [NOW]:

Figure 6-7 illustrates the flow of sources during a RELEASE.

Figure 6-7 RELEASE flow


This option is used to install a releaseed version into production or training.


$ vsnctl install
Target environment [PROD]: 
Execution (Batch/Detached/Online/Subprocess) [Batch]: 
Batch queue [SYS$BATCH]: 
Execute after [NOW]:

Figure 6-8 illustrates the flow of savesets during an INSTALL.

Figure 6-8 INSTALL flow


Acts as a front end for the DEVTOOLS DIFFERENCES/RDB_DATABASE command. By default, it assumes that the first (or newer or compiltetime) database exists in the software directory, and the second (or older or runtime) in the data directory.


$ vsnctl dbcompare 

Chapter 7

This chapter describes the creation of images within an application.

7.1 Creating Images

SysWorks Developer creates images based on Linker options files. These option sources must be present in order for SysWorks to create images. SysWorks does not attempt to determine which sources are image root modules by analysing the sources, even though some languages such as C have a specific syntax (eg. main ()) which suggest that a source forms an image root module.

SysWorks can create both executable and shareable images. Syntax within the linker options file indicates whether the resultant image should be executable or shareable.

The linker options files are parsed like most other sources in order to determine if any dependencies required. A linker options file must contain at least one module inclusion. This module can exist in the application library directory or an object library module. For example the following options file

!  Linker options: 
!       ACME_PROG_1 
!  Purpose: 
!       Linker options for the ACME_PROG_1 executable image. 
!  History: 
!       01-Apr-1995 by Simon L. Jackson 
!           Initial version 

would generate the same image as

!  Linker options: 
!       ACME_PROG_1 
!  Purpose: 
!       Linker options for the ACME_PROG_1 executable image. 
!  History: 
!       01-Apr-1995 by Simon L. Jackson 
!           Initial version 

Where SysWorks is being used to maintain an existing application which does not yet have options files for its images, a procedure is provided to generate an initial set of options files. This procedure can be invoked with the following command:


7.2 Executable Images

7.3 Shareable Images

Shareable images should have transfer vectors in order to remove the need to relink executable images which use a shareable image when the shareable image is rebuilt.

The presence of a GSMATCH statement in the linker options file indicates to SysWorks that a shareable image is to be created rather than an executable image.

With OpenVMS VAX these transfer vectors are normally maintained in a Macro-32 source which uses the .TRANSFER directive or the SysWorks VECTOR macro. With OpenVMS Alpha, the transfer vectors are built using a syntax in the linker options file.

Example 7-1 is a Macro-32 source which is used to build a shareable image. The logical name swrk_macro_lib is defined by the SysWorks startup command procedures.

Example 7-1 SWRKSHR.MAR

        .title  swrkshr Shareable image root for OpenVMS 
        .ident  "V3.4" 
;  Module: 
;       SWRKSHR 
;  Purpose: 
;       SWRKSHR shareable image root for OpenVMS 
;  Copyright: 
;       Copyright © 1987 - 2005 Corpita Pty Ltd 
;       15 Bedford Street, Collingwood 3066, Australia 
;  History: 
;      05-Mar-1991 by Simon L. Jackson 
;           New version 
        .library "swrk_macro_lib" 
module swrkshr 
; Special aliases 
        alias   swrk_find_object_lcl    swrk_find_object 
; Vectors 
        vector  swrk_extended_file_search               seq=001 
        vector  swrk_call_remote                        seq=002 
        vector  swrk_dequeue_server_message             seq=003 
        vector  swrk_enqueue_server_message             seq=004 
        vector  old                                     seq=005 ; swrk_initialize_server 
        vector  swrk_inquire_server                     seq=006 
        vector  swrk_read_server_msg_itmlst             seq=007 
        vector  swrk_read_server_msg_record             seq=008 
        vector  swrk_resume_server                      seq=009 
        vector  swrk_send_server_message                seq=010 
        vector  swrk_send_server_message_a              seq=011 
        vector  swrk_start_server                       seq=012 
        vector  swrk_stop_server                        seq=013 
        vector  swrk_suspend_server                     seq=014 
        vector  swrk_dcl_handler                        seq=015 
        vector  swrkdcl_exit                            seq=016 
        vector  swrkdcl_nocommand                       seq=017 
        vector  swrkdcl_help                            seq=018 
        vector  swrk_handle_keyword                     seq=019 
        vector  swrk_handle_qualifiers                  seq=020 
        vector  swrk_delete_lnklst                      seq=021 
        vector  old                                     seq=022 ; swrk_delete_tree 
; Added on 19-Dec-1992 
        vector  swrk_copy_file                          seq=023 
        vector  swrk_delete_file                        seq=024 
        vector  swrk_do_command                         seq=025 
        vector  swrk_purge_file                         seq=026 
; Added on 31-May-1993 
        vector  swrk_append_string_to_lnklst            seq=027 
; Added on 03-Sep-1993 
        vector  swrk_dump_image_info                    seq=028 
        vector  swrk_establish                          seq=029 
        vector  swrk_exception_handler                  seq=030 
        vector  swrk_append_lnklst_to_lnklst            seq=031 
        vector  swrk_append_item_to_lnklst              seq=032 
; Added on 15-Oct-1994 
        vector  swrk_close_output                       seq=033 
        vector  swrk_handle_image_vector,mode=subroutine seq=034 
        vector  swrk_open_output                        seq=035 
        vector  swrk_put_output                         seq=036 
; Added on 19-Nov-1994 
        vector  swrk_get_cur_pfx                        seq=037 
; Version V3.0 
; Added on 23-Sep-1995 & 06-Nov-1995 
        vector  swrk_allocate_memory                    seq=038 
        vector  swrk_crash_image                        seq=039 
        vector  swrk_deallocate_memory                  seq=040 
; Added on 18-Feb-1996 
        vector  swrk_copy_msg_vec                       seq=041 
        vector  swrk_get_date                           seq=042 
        vector  swrk_get_date_time                      seq=043 
        vector  swrk_lock_resource                      seq=044 
        vector  swrk_log_image_finish                   seq=045 
        vector  swrk_log_image_start                    seq=046 
        vector  swrk_log_msg_vec                        seq=047 
        vector  swrk_log_rms_fab                        seq=048 
        vector  swrk_log_rms_fab_2                      seq=049 
        vector  swrk_log_rms_rab                        seq=050 
        vector  swrk_log_status                         seq=051 
        vector  swrk_log_text                           seq=052 
        vector  swrk_prefix_msg_vec                     seq=053 
        vector  swrk_register_event                     seq=054 
        vector  swrk_return_date_time                   seq=055 
        vector  swrk_save_date_time                     seq=056 
        vector  swrk_setup_msg_vec                      seq=057 
        vector  swrk_trigger_event                      seq=058 
        vector  swrk_unlock_resource                    seq=059 
        vector  swrk_wait_for_event                     seq=060 
; Added on 13-Apr-1996, 20-Jul-1996 & 03-Aug-1996 
        vector  swrk_allocate_bits                      seq=061 
        vector  swrk_deallocate_bits                    seq=062 
        vector  swrk_declare_bitmap                     seq=063 
        vector  swrk_get_subcontext                     seq=064 
        vector  swrk_get_username                       seq=065 
        vector  swrk_random_number                      seq=066 
        vector  swrk_release_subcontext                 seq=067 
        vector  swrk_translate_logical                  seq=068 
        vector  swrk_trigger_and_wait_for_event         seq=069 
; Version V3.1 & V3.2 
; Added on 22-Aug-1996 
        vector  swrk_get_context                        seq=070 
        vector  swrk_set_context                        seq=071 
; Added on 01-Oct-1996 
        vector  swrk_get_computer_node                  seq=072 
        vector  swrkdcl_attach                          seq=073 
        vector  swrkdcl_attach_identification           seq=074 
        vector  swrkdcl_attach_parent                   seq=075 
        vector  swrkdcl_spawn                           seq=076 
        vector  swrkdcl_define_key                      seq=077 
; Version V3.1 
; Added on 16-Nov-1996 
        vector  swrk_dump_memory_begin                  seq=078 
        vector  swrk_dump_memory_cell                   seq=079 
        vector  swrk_dump_memory_end                    seq=080 
        vector  swrk_get_image_name                     seq=081 
; Added on 28-Dec-1996 
        vector  swrk_log_printf                         seq=082 
; Version V3.2 - sorted on 22-Aug-1998 
        vector  swrkdcl_show_context                    seq=083 
        vector  old                                     seq=084 ; swrk_attach_swdatabase 
        vector  swrk_binary_search                      seq=085 
        vector  swrk_cancel_job                         seq=086 
        vector  swrk_cancel_timer                       seq=087 
        vector  swrk_close_and_detach_job               seq=088 
        vector  swrk_close_and_spawn_job                seq=089 
        vector  swrk_close_and_submit_job               seq=090 
        vector  old                                     seq=091 ; swrk_close_swdatabase 
        vector  swrk_create_file_fdl                    seq=092 
        vector  swrk_cvt_context_description            seq=093 
        vector  swrk_cvt_context_type                   seq=094 
        vector  swrk_declare_client                     seq=095 
        vector  swrk_declare_counter                    seq=096 
        vector  swrk_declare_server                     seq=097 
        vector  swrk_declare_statistics                 seq=098 
        vector  swrk_delete_index                       seq=099 
        vector  old                                     seq=100 ; swrk_detach_swdatabase 
        vector  swrk_dump_memory_range                  seq=101 
        vector  swrk_display_help                       seq=102 
        vector  swrk_find_object                        seq=103 
        vector  swrk_find_object_id                     seq=104 
        vector  swrk_find_variable_string               seq=105 
        vector  swrk_fixup_string                       seq=106 
        vector  swrk_get_fab_file_spec                  seq=107 
        vector  swrk_get_counter                        seq=108 
        vector  swrk_increment_counter                  seq=109 
        vector  swrk_insert_index                       seq=110 
        vector  swrk_insert_queue_head                  seq=111 
        vector  swrk_insert_queue_tail                  seq=112 
        vector  swrk_log_msg_vec_2                      seq=113 
        vector  swrk_lookup_index                       seq=114 
        vector  old                                     seq=115 ; swrk_open_swdatabase 
        vector  swrk_open_job                           seq=116 
        vector  swrk_receive_client                     seq=117 
        vector  swrk_receive_client_a                   seq=118 
        vector  swrk_receive_server                     seq=119 
        vector  swrk_receive_server_a                   seq=120 
        vector  swrk_recycle_service_channel            seq=121 
        vector  swrk_remove_queue_head                  seq=122 
        vector  swrk_remove_queue_tail                  seq=123 
        vector  swrk_scan_index                         seq=124 
        vector  swrk_send_client                        seq=125 
        vector  swrk_send_client_a                      seq=126 
        vector  swrk_send_server                        seq=127 
        vector  swrk_send_server_a                      seq=128 
        vector  swrk_set_counter                        seq=129 
        vector  swrk_set_timer                          seq=130 
        vector  swrk_set_timer_long                     seq=131 
        vector  swrk_set_timer_short                    seq=132 
        vector  swrk_start_statistic                    seq=133 
        vector  swrk_stop_statistic                     seq=134 
        vector  swrk_strip_properties                   seq=135 
        vector  swrk_write_job                          seq=136 
; Version V3.2 - added on 31-Aug-1998, 19-Sep-1998, 02-Oct-1998 
        vector  old                                     seq=137 ; swrkdcl_context_type 
        vector  swrk_get_last_msg_logged                seq=138 
        vector  swrk_get_log_defaults                   seq=139 
        vector  swrk_get_object_keys                    seq=140 
        vector  swrk_log_fao                            seq=141 
        vector  swrk_log_faoz                           seq=142 
        vector  swrk_log_output                         seq=143 
        vector  swrk_log_output_2                       seq=144 
        vector  swrk_parse_log_file                     seq=145 
        vector  swrk_put_output_fao                     seq=146 
        vector  swrk_put_output_faoz                    seq=147 
        vector  swrk_put_output_printf                  seq=148 
        vector  swrk_report_statistics                  seq=149 
        vector  swrk_set_log_defaults                   seq=150 
        vector  swrk_set_uic                            seq=151 
        vector  swrk_set_username                       seq=152 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 16-Oct-1998 
        vector  swrkdcl_show_subcontext                 seq=153 
        vector  swrk_exit_image                         seq=154 
        vector  swrk_get_default                        seq=155 
        vector  swrk_set_default                        seq=156 
        vector  swrk_set_exit_command                   seq=157 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 19-Nov-1998 
        vector  swrk_cvt_context_command                seq=158 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 28-Nov-1998 
        vector  swrk_check_resource                     seq=159 
        vector  swrk_parse_directory                    seq=160 
        vector  swrk_parse_file                         seq=161 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 18-Dec-1998 
        vector  swrk_cvt_lnklst_to_string               seq=162 
        vector  swrk_scan_lnklst                        seq=163 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 26-Dec-1998 
        vector  swrk_cvt_index_to_string                seq=164 
        vector  swrk_initialize_trace                   seq=165 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 30-Dec-1998 
        vector  swrk_convert_date                       seq=166 
        vector  swrk_convert_date_time                  seq=167 
        vector  swrk_convert_time                       seq=168 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 02-Jan-1999 
        vector  swrkdcl_show_default                    seq=169 
        vector  swrk_cvt_trace_description              seq=170 
        vector  swrk_get_cur_env                        seq=171 
        vector  swrk_set_subprocess_style               seq=172 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 16-Jan-1999 
        vector  swrk_initialize_image                   seq=173 
        vector  swrk_send_mail                          seq=174 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 22-Jan-1999 
        vector  swrk_clear_context                      seq=175 
        vector  swrk_set_log_mail_subject               seq=176 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 06-Feb-1999 
        vector  swrk_find_associations                  seq=177 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 22-Mar-1999 
        vector  swrk_dump_process_info                  seq=178 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 19-Jun-1999 
        vector  swrk_get_symbol_integer                 seq=179 
        vector  swrk_get_symbol_string                  seq=180 
        vector  swrk_set_symbol_integer                 seq=181 
        vector  swrk_set_symbol_string                  seq=182 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 03-Jul-1999 
        vector  swrk_cvt_scope_type_to_code             seq=183 
        vector  swrk_find_variable_integer              seq=184 
        vector  swrk_log_rms_file_sts                   seq=185 
        vector  swrk_update_variable_integer            seq=186 
        vector  swrk_update_variable_string             seq=187 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 07-Aug-1999 
        vector  swrk_cvt_scope_type_to_ctl              seq=188 
        vector  swrk_get_scope_context                  seq=189 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 03-Jan-2000 
        vector  swrk_add_object                         seq=190 
        vector  swrk_build_objt_record                  seq=191 
        vector  old                                     seq=192 ; swrk_delete_objt_record 
        vector  old                                     seq=193 ; swrk_find_objt_record 
        vector  old                                     seq=194 ; swrk_get_objt_record 
        vector  old                                     seq=195 ; swrk_put_objt_record 
        vector  swrk_remove_object                      seq=196 
        vector  old                                     seq=197 ; swrk_update_objt_record 
        vector  swrk_update_object                      seq=198 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 06-Mar-2000 
        vector  swrk_get_statistics_info                seq=199 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 15-Mar-2000 
        vector  swrk_backup_file                        seq=200 
        vector  swrk_close_file                         seq=201 
        vector  swrk_close_input                        seq=202 
        vector  swrk_copy_string                        seq=203 
        vector  swrk_delete_record                      seq=204 
        vector  swrk_empty_string                       seq=205 
        vector  swrk_get_record                         seq=206 
        vector  swrk_get_input                          seq=207 
        vector  swrk_move_file                          seq=208 
        vector  swrk_open_file                          seq=209 
        vector  swrk_open_input                         seq=210 
        vector  swrk_print_file                         seq=211 
        vector  swrk_put_record                         seq=212 
        vector  swrk_rename_file                        seq=213 
        vector  swrk_update_record                      seq=214 
        vector  swrk_set_file_security                  seq=215 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 05-Apr-2000 
        vector  swrk_find_resource                      seq=216 
        vector  swrk_get_log_qual_file                  seq=217 
        vector  swrk_manage_file                        seq=218 
        vector  swrk_touch_file                         seq=219 
; Version V3.2-1 - added on 17-Jun-2000 
        vector  swrk_dump_memory_context                seq=220 
; Version V3.3 - added on 17-Jul-2000 
        vector  swrk_get_architecture                   seq=221 
; Version V3.3 - added on 28-Jul-2000 
        vector  swrk_match_lnklst                       seq=222 
; Version V3.3 - added on 14-Aug-2000 
        vector  swrk_find_class                         seq=223 
; Version V3.3 - added on 17-Aug-2000 
        vector  swrk_bitmap_operation_2                 seq=224 
        vector  swrk_bitmap_operation_3                 seq=225 
; Version V3.3 - added on 16-Oct-2000 
        vector  swrk_initialize_logging                 seq=226 
; Version V3.3 - added on 13-Mar-2001 
        vector  swrk_create_file                        seq=227 
        vector  swrk_get_file_spec                      seq=228 
        vector  swrk_setup_file                         seq=229 
; Version V3.3 - added on 15-Jun-2001 
        vector  swrk_match_string                       seq=230 
; Version V3.3 - added on 19-Oct-2001 
        vector  swrk_rename_object                      seq=231 
; Version V3.4 - added on 14-Nov-2001 
        vector  swrkdcl_show_version                    seq=232 
        vector  swrk_get_msg_vec_item                   seq=233 
        vector  swrk_process_file                       seq=234 
; Version V3.4 - added on 11-Jan-2002 
        vector  swrk_add_association                    seq=235 
        vector  swrk_remove_association         seq=236 
        vector  swrk_set_output                         seq=237 
; Version V3.4 - added on 20-Mar-2002 
        vector  swrk_clear_context_item                 seq=238 
        vector  swrk_set_context_item                   seq=239 
; Version V3.4 - added on 01-Aug-2002 
        vector  swrk_checksum_file                      seq=240 
        vector  swrk_checksum_file_1                    seq=241 
; Version V3.4 - added on 14-Oct-2002 
        vector  swrk_crc_file                           seq=242 
        vector  swrk_crc_file_1                         seq=243 
; Version V3.4 - added on 21-Oct-2002 
        vector  swrk_check_numcd                        seq=244 
        vector  swrk_cvt_int_to_numcd                   seq=245 
        vector  swrk_cvt_numcd_to_int                   seq=246 
        vector  swrk_cvt_num_to_cd                      seq=247 
        vector  swrk_cvt_num_to_numcd                   seq=248 
; Version V3.4 - added on 19-Nov-2002 
        vector  swrk_execute_method                     seq=249 
; Version V3.4 - added on 02-Jan-2004 
        vector  gzclose         image=zlibshr           seq=250 
        vector  gzerror         image=zlibshr           seq=251 
        vector  gzgets          image=zlibshr           seq=252 
        vector  gzopen          image=zlibshr           seq=253 
; Version V3.4 - added on 14-Feb-2004 
        vector  swrk_check_method                       seq=254 
        vector  swrk_cvt_string_to_lnklst               seq=255 
; Version V3.4 - added on 22-Feb-2004 
        vector  swrk_append_string                      seq=256 
; Version V3.4 - added on 02-Jun-2004 
        vector  swrk_add_exit_handler                   seq=257 
        vector  swrk_rundown_image                      seq=258 
; Version V3.4 - added on 18-Jul-2004 
        vector  swrk_close_document                     seq=259 
        vector  swrk_create_document                    seq=260 
        vector  swrk_put_document_field_d               seq=261 
        vector  swrk_put_document_field_z               seq=262 
        vector  swrk_put_document_line                  seq=263 
        vector  swrk_put_document_line_fao              seq=264 
        vector  swrk_put_document_line_faoz             seq=265 
        vector  swrk_put_document_line_printf           seq=266 
        vector  swrk_setup_document                     seq=267 
        vector  swrk_put_line                           seq=268 
        vector  swrk_put_line_fao                       seq=269 
        vector  swrk_put_line_faoz                      seq=270 
        vector  swrk_put_line_printf                    seq=271 
; Version V3.4 - added on 09-Aug-2004 
        vector  swrk_compare_string                     seq=272 
        vector  swrk_concat_string                      seq=273 
        vector  swrk_equals_string                      seq=274 
; Version V3.4 - added on 02-Sep-2004 
        vector  gzputs          image=zlibshr           seq=275 
        vector  gzread          image=zlibshr           seq=276 
        vector  gzwrite         image=zlibshr           seq=277 
; Version V3.4 - added on 10-Dec-2004 
        vector  swrk_cvt_string_to_owner                seq=278 
; Version V3.4 - added on 11-Jan-2005 
        vector  swrk_log_file                           seq=279 
        vector  swrk_log_file_2                         seq=280 
; Version V3.4 - added on 14-Jul-2005 
        vector  swrk_get_file_type                      seq=281 
        vector  swrk_set_file_type                      seq=282 
; Reservations - added on 19-Nov-1998 
end module 

Example 7-2 is a Linker options file which is used to build a shareable image for OpenVMS VAX. Note that only the first three (non-comment) lines are important for all shareable images - the remaining lines are specific to the linking requirements of this specific image.

Example 7-2 SWRKSHR.OPT

!  Linker_options: 
!       SWRKSHR-VAX 
!  Purpose: 
!       Linker options file for the SWRKSHR shareable image for OpenVMS VAX. 
!  Copyright: 
!       Copyright © 1987 - 2009 Corpita Pty Ltd 
!       15 Bedford Street, Collingwood 3066, Australia 
!  History: 
!      05-Dec-1989 by Simon L. Jackson 
!           Initial version 
gsmatch = always,3,5 
cluster = transfer 
collect = transfer,swrk_vectors 
cluster = swrk_section_1 
collect = swrk_section_1,- 
psect_attr = rdb$transaction_handle, pic, ovr, gbl, noshr 
psect_attr = swrk_message_vector, pic, ovr, gbl, noshr 
psect_attr = swrk_trace_data_rec, pic, ovr, gbl, noshr 
cluster = swrk_section_2 
collect = swrk_section_2,- 
psect_attr = swrk_global_data, pic, con, gbl, noshr 
universal = rdb$transaction_handle 
universal = swrk_message_vector 
universal = swrk_command_line 
universal = swrk_ctx_depth 
universal = swrk_cur_app 
universal = swrk_cur_env 
universal = swrk_cur_grp 
universal = swrk_cur_pfx 
universal = swrk_cur_scp 
universal = swrk_cur_typ 
universal = swrk_cur_typ_cod 
universal = swrk_cur_usr 
universal = swrk_cur_var 
universal = swrk_cur_vsn 
universal = swrk_dir_cod 
universal = swrk_dir_dir 
universal = swrk_dir_set 
universal = swrk_dir_aib 
universal = swrk_dir_aij 
universal = swrk_dir_ail 
universal = swrk_dir_bck 
universal = swrk_dir_cdd 
universal = swrk_dir_dat 
universal = swrk_dir_doc 
universal = swrk_dir_gen 
universal = swrk_dir_jnl 
universal = swrk_dir_kit 
universal = swrk_dir_lcl 
universal = swrk_dir_lib 
universal = swrk_dir_rda 
universal = swrk_dir_rdb 
universal = swrk_dir_ruj 
universal = swrk_dir_run 
universal = swrk_dir_scr 
universal = swrk_dir_sft 
universal = swrk_dir_snp 
universal = swrk_dir_src 
universal = swrk_dir_tps 
universal = swrk_dir_tst 
universal = swrk_dir_wrk 
universal = swrk_explicit_link_flg 
universal = swrk_fil_gen 
universal = swrk_fil_msghlp 
universal = swrk_fil_tst 
universal = swrk_lbr_hlp 
universal = swrk_lbr_img 
universal = swrk_lbr_mac 
universal = swrk_lbr_mms 
universal = swrk_lbr_obj 
universal = swrk_lbr_sym 
universal = swrk_lbr_txt 
universal = swrk_lnm_cdd 
universal = swrk_lnm_dir 
universal = swrk_lnm_fil 
universal = swrk_lnt_ctx 
universal = swrk_message_vector 
universal = swrk_output_file 
universal = swrk_sdc_aib 
universal = swrk_sdc_aij 
universal = swrk_sdc_ail 
universal = swrk_sdc_bck 
universal = swrk_sdc_cdd 
universal = swrk_sdc_dat 
universal = swrk_sdc_doc 
universal = swrk_sdc_gen 
universal = swrk_sdc_jnl 
universal = swrk_sdc_kit 
universal = swrk_sdc_lcl 
universal = swrk_sdc_lib 
universal = swrk_sdc_rda 
universal = swrk_sdc_rdb 
universal = swrk_sdc_ruj 
universal = swrk_sdc_run 
universal = swrk_sdc_scr 
universal = swrk_sdc_sft 
universal = swrk_sdc_snp 
universal = swrk_sdc_src 
universal = swrk_sdc_tps 
universal = swrk_sdc_tst 
universal = swrk_sdc_wrk 
universal = swrk_subctx_depth 
universal = swrk_sub_output_noast 
universal = swrk_sub_output_rtn 
universal = swrk_tpu_result_string 
universal = swrk_vmsu_ctx 
universal = swrk_plrn_ctx 
universal = swrk_lnm_rot 
universal = swrk_rot_ail 
universal = swrk_rot_dat 
universal = swrk_rot_lib 
universal = swrk_rot_src 
universal = swrk_rot_tps 
universal = swrk_arc_cod 
universal = swrk_arc_typ 
universal = swrk_arc_usg 
universal = swrk_cur_arc 
universal = swrk_dir_arc 
universal = swrk_cls_cod 
universal = swrk_cls_set 
universal = swrk_cls_mgr 
universal = swrk_cls_rep 
universal = swrk_cls_usr 
universal = swrk_id_acc 
universal = swrk_id_mgr 
universal = swrk_id_own 
universal = swrk_id_rep 
universal = swrk_id_usr 
universal = swrk_trace_data 
universal = swrk_dcl_input_routine 
universal = swrk_rab_mbc 
universal = swrk_rab_mbf 
universal = swrk_sdc_set 
universal = swrk_dir_srt 
universal = swrk_sdc_srt 
universal = swrk_dir_dev 
universal = swrk_dir_www 
universal = swrk_rot_www 
universal = swrk_sdc_www 
universal = swrk_dir_adalib 
universal = swrk_sdc_adalib 

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