SysWorks V3.5
Release Notes

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Chapter 4
Known Limitations or Problems

This chapter briefly descibes the known limitations and problems with SysWorks.

4.1 Entry Points in MACRO-32

Entry points used for dependency analysis in the MMS generator require the .ENTRY or PROCEDURE (supported in SysWorks SWDEVMAC.MLB macro library) syntax.

4.2 Entry Points in C

External references in C, CXX, H, HXX, RC and SC sources must be declared with the EXTERN keyword.

4.3 CVTMMS various

There are some inconsistencies in how various source types (eg. .COB and .IFDL) handle copies or includes from the CDD. These will be made fully consistent in a future release of SysWorks.

The following guidelines on the future standard treatment should help:

Note that the dictionary item will be checked in the order indicated in the above list.

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