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Open Source Products

A collection of open source products which we have integrated using SysWorks® Developer and provided for download as sources and installation kits.

Product Code Name Version SysWorks
APACHE Apache/HP Secure Web Server V1.3.33     Site
V1.3.26 Yes   Site
ANALOG Analog V6.0 Yes   Site
BZIP2 BZIP2 V1.0-3 Yes    
V1.0-1   Yes  
CURL cURL V7.19.6 Yes    
GS GhostScript V6.5   Yes  
V6.5-3 Yes   Download
GZIP GZIP V1.4-2   Yes  
V1.2-4 Yes Yes Yes  
JPEG JPEG V6b Yes   Official Site Download
LD LD V6.3   Yes  
LYNX Lynx V2.8.3   Yes  
V2.8.4 Yes   Site
MAGICK ImageMagick V5.1-1 Yes    
MKISO Make ISO File System V1.0 Yes    
PERL Perl V5.3 Yes    
PHP PHP V5.2.6 Yes    
PNG PNG V1.0-6 Yes    
PYTHON Python V2.1 Yes    
V1.5.2   Yes  
TAR TAR V3.4-2 Yes    
VMSTAR V3.4-1     Download
V3.3-4   Yes  
TIFF TIFF V1.3-1 Yes    
TTF TTF V1.3-1 Yes    
UNZIP UNZIP V5.4-2   Yes Yes  
V5.3 Yes    
ZIP ZIP V2.2   Yes  
V2.1 Yes    
ZLIB ZLIB V1.2.3 Yes    

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